Can "passed" loved ones appear to you in a dream?

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and Energy Healing Practitioner

Can loved ones who have passed appear to you in a dream? I suppose there is no way to truly prove this one way or the other. Some will adamantly believe they cannot, while others are convinced they can. Whether a deceased loved one actually appears to you in your dream or whether your Sacred Mind has merely picked up truth from the universe or God will be up to an individual to decide.

I believe whether they actually come to you in your dreams or you are able to tap into something beyond your own consciousness, it really doesn't matter. As long as you are receiving truth and perhaps an answer to a burden you carry that is what is important.

My mother died at the age of 90. She was ready to pass to the next life, so I was not sad. However, I was quite upset with the chaotic family interactions while she lay unconscious in hospice. I wanted to make her look more comfortable but was afraid I would break her neck. This was nothing like I saw in movies. I called for a nurse to adjust her. She did no better of a job than I could have done. My mother never would have wanted anyone to see her the way she was. 

I actually left the chaos and went and cleaned her apartment/room with a sister. By the time we returned, she had passed. I believed I should have done "something" to reduce the contention and make my mother at least appear more comfortable. I know there really wasn't much I could do, but it still haunted me.

About a week after her passing, I had a vivid dream. My mother came to me. Even though she didn't appear to be any certain age, she wasn't old or really young,  I immediately recognized her. I am guessing she looked maybe 30? when I was born. in the dream, I told her, through my tears, how sorry I was for how things were when she died. She would not have liked any of it.

She sweetly replied, "I know, and it's okay. I am fine, and you do not need to worry about anything anymore." It felt so nice being in her presence. I asked her, "Will you come and visit me again?" She replied, "Probably not, it takes a lot of energy to manifest myself to you." I was puzzled, as I was not expecting that answer.

So was this really my mother's spirit who entered my nighttime dream? I believe it was. If it wasn't, that's okay too, because somehow I tapped into truth and knew my mother was happy and did not want me to concern myself with her passing.

I am still amazed that I saw her as ageless (an age at which I did not remember her), yet I knew her instantly.

I needed comforting, and I believe however it happened, I received my answer.

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, and Energy Healing Practitioner

Unchained Melody - My Music Globe

Have you ever had the experience when you felt someone near or far, you weren't quite sure, yet you felt connected in some way? I had the strangest experience the other day. I was having one of those moments of Music.globe "remembering" someone I did not know. I don't give a lot of serious thought to those experiences, since I don't know who I am remembering. When that happens, I assume it is someone I have not met in this lifetime, yet - maybe I will or maybe I won't.

This particular experience was profound because a music globe that I have had for some time started playing for just a couple of seconds and then stopped. I didn't even remember where I got the globe or what music it played. The globe sits on the other side of my bed on a nightstand in the corner of the room. I never go over there. When a music box is winding down to stop, the music ends slowly and quietly. That did not happen with this experience. 

While I was taking a few moments to contemplate, out of nowhere, the music started playing. The volume and tempo were vibrant and then suddenly it stopped. I picked up the music globe to see if perhaps the title of the song was printed on the bottom. It was, Unchained Melody. At first, I didn't even recognize the music. Music boxes aren't quite the same as a piano. I assumed it was a classic by Mozart or someone. When I did an Internet search, I recognized the song immediately. Then I read the lyrics of the song,

Oh my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long lonely time,
And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much,
Are you still mine?
I need your love,
I need your love
God speed your love to me.

While this might sound creepy, it didn't feel creepy. I was wide awake and knew I had not made it up. I still don't know who I was psychically connecting to, but I do believe the two or three seconds the music globe played, it did so for a reason. My Sacred Mind connected to someone. All I can say is "Thank you. I miss you too."

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, and Energy Healing Practitioner

Sacred Mind Ministry

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, and Energy Healing Practitioner

What is the Sacred Mind?

First, I will explain how the words "Sacred Mind" came to me. It was in 2012, I had a very vivid nighttime dream. I have those from time to time. I can usually tell when a dream is just a conglomeration of stressful thoughts caused by a chaotic day, a teaching dream that I need to learn from, or even a prophetic dream that may seem clear or filled with symbolism. Well, on that particular night years ago, I was having what seemed like a very important dream. In the dream I saw the words in large bold print just floating in the air - SACRED MINDS. I was startled, and awoke suddenly. I did not remember anything else about the dream but those two words. I actually got up and opened my laptop and searched those words on the Internet. What did they mean? At that time I found no answers, nothing. Over the next few years, I just let my heart digest the words until it became clear what I had been taught.

Think of it this way. Your subconscious mind holds memories you've forgotten, thoughts you are not aware of, and feelings you do not understand. Your conscious mind contains your awareness of your life, your questions and beliefs, your likes or dislikes, and memories that never hide. Your Sacred Mind is what connects your conscious mind and perhaps even your subconscious mind to the Great Divine, God, Higher Power, Universal Knowledge, The All, Higher Power, or whatever term you use. 

I visualize Universal Knowledge as tiny particles of truth that permeate the universe, similar to radio waves. It is there for our seeking. I also believe Divine beings are available when we are ready to hear. The Sacred Mind is what connects us to this greater power. The Sacred Mind is what helps make sense of the input we receive from these Divine and universal sources.

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, and Energy Healing Practitioner