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What is the Sacred Mind?

First, I will explain how the words "Sacred Mind" came to me. It was in 2012, I had a very vivid nighttime dream. I have those from time to time. I can usually tell when a dream is just a conglomeration of stressful thoughts caused by a chaotic day, a teaching dream that I need to learn from, or even a prophetic dream that may seem clear or filled with symbolism. Well, on that particular night years ago, I was having what seemed like a very important dream. In the dream I saw the words in large bold print just floating in the air - SACRED MINDS. I was startled, and awoke suddenly. I did not remember anything else about the dream but those two words. I actually got up and opened my laptop and searched those words on the Internet. What did they mean? At that time I found no answers, nothing. Over the next few years, I just let my heart digest the words until it became clear what I had been taught.

Think of it this way. Your subconscious mind holds memories you've forgotten, thoughts you are not aware of, and feelings you do not understand. Your conscious mind contains your awareness of your life, your questions and beliefs, your likes or dislikes, and memories that never hide. Your Sacred Mind is what connects your conscious mind and perhaps even your subconscious mind to the Great Divine, God, Higher Power, Universal Knowledge, The All, Higher Power, or whatever term you use. 

I visualize Universal Knowledge as tiny particles of truth that permeate the universe, similar to radio waves. It is there for our seeking. I also believe Divine beings are available when we are ready to hear. The Sacred Mind is what connects us to this greater power. The Sacred Mind is what helps make sense of the input we receive from these Divine and universal sources.

Karen Best Wright, Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant, and Energy Healing Practitioner